The Takeover: Chapter 5 (link) by brooke-shutsano

This is one of my favorite scenes from this lovely Fanfic! :D I’m pretty sure their hairstyles were supposed to be different, BUT, I hope you like it anyways! C: So if you haven’t read The Takeover, then get to it! haha


When I think I am a musician after a couple drinks…


Kristanna is the relationship I want to be in,

Elsanna is the relationship I enjoy to read / watch from afar, because it’s compelling.

Like, kristanna is the couple that has inside jokes and has romance come easily to them, and in non-blatant ways (because they don’t need it to be really…


Elsa and Anna proceed from not listening to each other to trying to understand one another. It’s not the fluffiest relationship, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, it has bumps in the road and problems, and so it’s interesting to watch.

and that’s why I ship them dammit, platonic or otherwise….



Anonymous : <p>How come Korean celebrities are so humble? They&#8217;re so different from their American counterparts, is it because of the high appreciation of a polite attitude in Korean society?</p>


Kind of the reverse: there is intense intolerance for those who are boastful of their situation. There is a Korean proverb that you should always keep in mind, since it explains the mentality very well.

벼는 익을수록 고개를 숙인다
The more rice ripens, the more it bows its head

I believe that this is the Chinese equivalent:
稻穗越是熟成越是低頭 意旨有實力的人更需要謙虛

Two interpretations are:

  1. The more one is educated, the more considerate/polite one is.
  2. The more well-endowed one becomes, the more humble one must become.

This is especially so for public figures, since society, for some reason, feels in some way responsible for a public figure’s success. Even those that are clearly very talented and skilled and “deserving” of their situation would be cut down by society for not being grateful for others’ contribution to their gain.