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halcyonglaze : Have you followed/read Batwoman's solo series that started a few years ago? I loved William's art and Blackwell's writing, and have you to thank for molding the character during Detective Comics! :)


I haven’t, to be perfectly honest. I tried, but I couldn’t do it. This is not a reflection on the quality of Jim and Haden’s work, nor on Marc’s; I lived with Kate for almost five years before Jim and I introduced her to the world in TEC. She is very, very dear to me, and the process of getting just those issues out alone was… beyond arduous.

I have a very clear vision of who she is, why she is, why she does what she does. It is so clear that it prevents me from reading what others do with her, because there’s always an annoyingly loud voice in my head saying, “but but BUT she wouldn’t DO that!” or similar.

And the thing is, I may have helped create this iteration of Kate Kane, but she’s NOT my character. She’s DC’s character.

So, like that.

Thank you for your kind words — very glad you’re enjoying Kate’s continuing adventures.

It’s just that we don’t run shit like that around here.

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This idea of  The Fame runs through and through. Basically, if you have nothing—no money, no fame—you can still feel beautiful and dirty rich. It’s about making choices, and having references—things you pull from your life that you believe in. It’s about self-discovery and being creative. The record is slightly focused, but it’s also eclectic. The music is intended to inspire people to feel a certain way about themselves, so they’ll be able to encompass, in their own lives, a sense of inner fame that they can project to the world, and the carefree nature of the album is a reflection of that aura. I like to funnel interesting ideas to the rest of the world through a pop lens.

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